Your help is so greatly appreciated – particularly as we face the ravages of the pandemic while we also deal with our other work!

The 2018 eruption of Volcán Fuego was terrible, with great loss of life, land, crops, jobs and damage to the schools. Because of YOUR help, New Hope for Guatemala was able to provide clothes, food, medicine, school and water system repairs, and many thousands of dollars of school supplies and teaching materials.

The 2020-2021 COVID Pandemic is WORSE. Since March 2020, New Hope has been providing offsite through the internet for the eight schools that we work in, it has provided phones and computers to students for internet classes, installed internet services in schools, and provided food, medicine, diapers, lights, medical treatment and surgeries, rent assistance, and general aid to over 900 people in 167 families. The pressure on New Hope finances has been enormous.

Volcán Fuego’s fiery eruption, and the lava flow, was terrible, including the devastating loss of jobs and crops, but because of YOUR help, we have been able to provide cloths, food, medicine, and many thousands of dollars worth of school supplies and teaching materials.

We are all praying for a return to normalcy with kids back in school with their teachers and their friends! It is our hope that all students will be back in their schools by the end of September 2021, and that this year’s graduation ceremonies will be “in person” at each of the schools.

Our urgent need – providing food. Soon hundreds of kids will be back in school in El Rodeo, El Tesoro, Chuchuca. San Antonio and Antigua. But for now, many are hungry. Their hard-working parents are locked down at home.

You can help! Tax-deductible donations can be made ONLINE (see the “Donate” button below) or by mail. If by mail, make checks payable to “New Hope for Guatemala” and mail to:

P.O. Box 367
Berryville, AR 72616-0367