Providing a better future for the children of Guatemala.

Andrew Loveall came to Guatemala in 1999 on what he thought would be a short-term mission trip. He didn’t expect to like it and he didn’t expect to stay. He couldn’t speak a word of Spanish, not even adios or uno, dos, tres. Now, some 22 years later he is still here, the Founder and Director of New Hope for Guatemala centered in Antigua, Guatemala. In a unique partnership with the Guatemala Ministry of Education, New Hope works in eight schools in five different towns (Antigua, San Antonio, El Rodeo, El Tesoro and Chuchuca), all the way from providing teachers to physical items like replacing electrical systems and roofs. But most important is mentoring the students and helping their families survive the disasters that are a part of everyday life in Guatemala. If these children just had a fair chance, they could do anything. And New Hope is giving them that chance.

Andrew’s two children, Johnathan and Robert, ages 18 and 19, were born here and have lived all of their lives here. They are an integral part of the mission. They live in Antigua with their cat Camilla and their turtle, who they have had for eleven years, and does not yet have a name.


“Tengo mucha fe que Nueva Esperanza de Guatemala va a lograr en provenir el bienestar de los niños con la ayuda de Dios.”

I have great faith that New Hope for Guatemala is going to succeed in providing for the well-being of the children with the help of God.

Marcela Hernandez